9 Celebrities Who Are Living With A Disease

Pamela Anderson

Celebrities may appear to have it all, but not even fame, beauty and wealth can protect society’s elite from getting sick.  

Here are a few stars you may be surprised to learn are living with health problems.  

Lady Gaga may have lupus

The outlandish pop singer told Larry King in 2010 that she tested “borderline positive for lupus.”

This sounds ambiguous, although the American College of Rhematology says the disease is hard to accurately diagnose, partly because it’s associated ith a wide array of symptoms that come on slowly and aren’t specific to lupus. According to Medical News Today, “no single laboratory test can determine whether a person has lupus.” 

About the disease

Lupus is a chronic disease that causes pain and swelling in the skin, joints, lungs, kidney and other organs. It affects 10 times as many women as men

Nick Jonas has type 1 diabetes

The youngest member of the Jonas Brother band found out he had type 1 diabetes in 2005. He was 13 years old. A few months before the normally upbeat singer was diagnosed, Nick tells Linda von Wartburg of DiabetesHealth that he was rapidly losing weight, drinking lots of water and had a bad attitude.

The singer is now a spokesperson for the Diabetes Research Institute and manages his diabetes day-to-day by checking his blood sugar regularly and wearing an insulin pump. 

About the disease

Type 1 diabetes is when the body doesn’t produce enough insulin, a hormone needed to store sugar in cells for use later. This causes blood sugar to fluctuate wildly.

Montel Williams battles multiple sclerosis

The daytime talk show host was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis 10 years ago. After receiving the the bad news Williams writes on his website that “experienced the lowest moments of my life. I couldn’t believe this was happening to me. I became so despondent that I considered ending it all. But I knew my children and my family loved me and depended on me, and I couldn’t let them down.”

The TV host created the Montel Williams Foundation in 2000 to fund research and raise awareness about the condition.

About the disease

Multiple scelorosis is a disease that attacks and slowly destroys the central nervous system. It affects basic functions like balance and coordination, speech, strength, thought process and vision.  

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