It is OK for USA to humiliate Russia

When the Americans were making the decisions to deliver Bout and Yaroshenko to the States, they knew which consequences that could lead to. As for Russia, we are simply unable to show an adequate reaction to such actions. First off, everyone knows where Russia invests its money to. Russia makes herself a financial hostage of the West
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Putin: ‘USA’s get-out attitude to Russia unacceptable’

Russian President Vladimir Putin started his large press conference at midday, December 20. The conference brought together more than 1,200 Russian and foreign journalists. The first question that was asked to Vladimir Putin was the question about the infamous Magnitsky Act and Russia’s new law to ban the adoptions of Russian children by Americans
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Russia fund in consortium to back U.S. pharma firms

MOSCOW (Reuters) – Russian state technology firm Rusnano, alongside a group of investors, is investing $93 million in three U.S.-based pharmaceutical firms to develop drugs to treat illnesses such as epilepsy, the investors said on Wednesday. Rusnano is making the investment with U.S. venture capital fund Domain Associates and other investors. Rusnano partnered with Domain in March with plans to invest around $760 million in U.S. healthcare and pharmaceutical firms to bring new drugs to the Russian market. …
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