Russia striker Pogrebnyak sustains ankle injury

STUTTGART, Germany (AP) — Stuttgart says Russian striker Pavel Pogrebnyak willbe out for about four weeks with a serious ankle injury. The Bundesliga side said on its website Friday that Pogrebnyak was injuredwhen challenging teammate Georg Niedermeier for the ball in training onThursday. The 27-year-old Pogrebnyak suffered two torn ligaments in his right ankle. Pogrebnyak, who has scored eight goals in 30 appearances for Russia, scoredhis first goal of the season for Stuttgart in last weekend’s 2-0 win overHoffenheim. …
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What is GLONASS?: A quick guide to the iPhone 4S’ Russian navigation system

photoApple surprised the tech world this week by silently adding support for the Russian satellite navigation system known as GLONASS to the feature list of its new iPhone 4S smartphone. According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple’s embrace of GLONASS could push other smartphone manufacturers to add support for the system to their handsets, as well. But what the heck is GLONASS, anyway; and why did Apple add support for it to the iPhone 4S? Let’s dig a little deeper, shall we?

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Why does Russia need Iskander missile systems?

A brigade equipped with Iskander mobile ballistic missile systems has appeared in the Russian army. The systems were deployed in the Western military district. Experts have certain doubts about the need in Iskander systems. First off, its missiles will not be able to reach US interceptor missiles in Romania and the radar station in Turkey
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